The passion of working with kids to make this a world a brighter & better place to live gave birth to ACE KIDS. A house to many Young Talented & Experienced professionals, who have come together with a motto to shape the future of the young geniuses.

The team of dedicated & highly qualified Women professionals have taken up their careers in helping to nurture the kids from various backgrounds to enjoy the journey, in harnessing their talents and sharpen their skills. We train students with Advanced Abacus, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking, Phonetics,Personality Development & many other courses, which havebeen benefiting more & more students each day.

ACE KIDS focuses on building each student’s foundation and helping them to gain self-confidence, interest in learning, and develops a child’s critical thinking and analytical skills.

ACE KIDS Family develops a personal relationship with the child in no time, giving him the platform to come out with his best foot forward. As a result the child comes out smart, confident with mind-boggling interests and curiosity to perform, to be world-class leader!